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It’s Time For Summer Shine!

30th July 2022 The school summer holiday has begun and this marks an interesting time in our calendar. Parents who until now have been managing perfectly well with their work / life balance suddenly have a house full of children demanding money, holidays and most costly of all – their time! Long awaited family holidays need paying for, kids need new uniforms, and the household bills keep coming. As if that wasn’t enough the cost of living crisis and soaring inflation is adding to the party so it’s not surprising... Read More

Christopher Brown Seacroft Shop 03/07/2022

Make This Summer Special

3rd July 2022 Summer holidays are almost here, the weather is hot and Wimbledon is back. Holidays are in full swing and despite the queues at the airports our Foreign Exchange departments are rushed off their feet selling Euros and Dollars to those lucky enough to be going abroad, making up for previous years of lockdown.  We have sold a record number of Rolex watches over the last 12 months. As we replenish our stock we come across rare and unusual models. Rolex usually make their watches in Oystersteel or... Read More

Silver, Gold And Platinum – Celebrate The Jubilee In Style…..

25th May 2022 This month we celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee and its time mark the occasion. Whether or not you are a strong supporter, you have to admire her 70 years of unbridled service to the nation and respect all of the events she has lived through and still be heading the State today.  The daily news seems to feed off doom and gloom and thrives on giving the nation a dose of negativity every morning to put us into a subdued mood. As retailers, we dread the headlines... Read More


3rd April 2022 Gold prices have been at record highs on and off over the last 2 years with the Covid crisis. Now as the world recoils to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this horrible war brings more economic uncertainty to all and rising prices as a result. However, it’s not just the oil and gas prices that have increased. Gold has hit near record highs and diamonds have increased over 20% since last year. Gold has always been the fall-back position at times of economic uncertainty and there is... Read More

Five Things You Never Knew About Rolex…

2nd March 2022 Inflation seems to be the buzz word of 2022. It’s all we hear about with fuel and electricity prices driving the curve and we seem to have no choice but to pay the price! There are some choices you can make though that could give you an inflation proof investment you can enjoy as well as own. Now is the time to invest in Rolex’s, gold and pre-owned Diamonds! They may seem like luxury items but all three of these are seeing consistent world price rises this... Read More

She LIKES Flowers But LOVES Our Jewellery!

7th February 2022 Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year and a time to show appreciation and affection for the one you love.  Isn’t it time you moved away from the traditional flowers and chocolates this year and gave something special such as a stunning piece of jewellery that she’ll absolutely adore! Giving a special piece of jewellery is exciting and if you are planning to make it official and give an engagement ring then we have a range of stunning range of hand-picked diamonds... Read More

Christopher Brown Shop Display 28/11/2021

It’s Christmas Time!

28th November 2021 This Christmas is set to be very special at Christopher Brown Jewellers in Seacroft. Our recently rebranded store has a new extended range of beautiful jewellery and watches that will make this Christmas very special.  Our store is lovingly decorated with garlands and fairly lights and you will be treated to free mulled wine, glass of sherry or a warming cup of coffee and a fresh mince pie while you browse our extensive jewellery and luxury watch collection. You won’t be disappointed with the prices either. We... Read More

Diamond Necklace 31/10/2021

Make This A Very Special Christmas

31st October 2021 It’s a well-known fact that the best presents come in small packages. While fashion trends will come and go, we often attach precious memories to jewellery, which is what makes it such a special gift to give and receive. However, knowing what to buy someone, whether it is your partner or a good friend, can very difficult.  There are a lot points to consider when it comes to buying a piece of jewellery for someone but many of them can be resolved with a little observation, a... Read More

How It All Began…

3rd October 2021 Often I get asked how I got interested in pawnbroking and how it all began. My family have been in the industry since 1840 and originally traded as a family business called Herbert Brown. The family sold the business back in 2007, but as a sixth generation jeweller and pawnbroker this passion was already in my blood so after a period of working with the new owners I left Herbert Brown and began as an independent, all over again. I have built my business steadily to 8... Read More

Is It Time To Own A Rolex? It’s As Good As Gold!

3rd October 2021 A Rolex is so much more than just a watch. Each timepiece takes about a year to construct and is tested to the highest standard before it is released for sale. However the world of Rolex watches has gone bonkers with the supply chain being severely reduced post Brexit and Covid. Pre-owned watches supplied from Europe now attract full VAT under import rules so their supply is seriously reduced. Coupled with that is the speed of manufacture of new watches from Rolex has been interrupted due to... Read More