How to clean earrings – a guide on keeping your jewellery sparkling

A glamorous pair of earrings are perfect for completing an exquisite evening look or everyday luxurious wear. But overtime, they will likely suffer a build-up of grime, dirt, sweat, grease and other damaging chemicals. Not only can this diminish their quality but also put your personal hygiene at risk. Apart from preserving the gorgeous shine and sparkle of your jewellery, cleaning your earrings will protect the wearer from infection and skin irritations within the pierced areas of your ears.


How to clean gold earrings


Since gold is not a highly reactive metal, it can be cleansed by a simple application of lukewarm water and dishwash soap.


1.     Apply your gold earrings to a mixture of warm water and dish soap and soak for approximately 30 minutes.

2.     With a small soft toothbrush, gently brush away any dirt that the earring may have.

3.     Rinse the jewellery in warm water after brushing.

4.     Carefully dry the earring using a towel or lint-free cloth.


Remember to be gentle when washing these earrings as gold is a soft metal.


Whilst gold is a very unreactive, it can still succumb to tarnish when exposed to chlorine and soap designed for skin and hair care. In addition, introduction of hot water over a long time will eventually cause this jewellery to lose its shine. Therefore, you should remove your gold earrings before taking a shower or having a swim.


How to clean silver Earrings


Silver jewellery requires a cleaning method that is different from soap and water but just as simple. For example, dish soap is not required for washing these earrings but instead, baking soda is soda is needed.


1.     Apply a small measurement of hot water and baking soda to create a paste solution.

2.     With, preferably, a lint-free cloth, carefully clean the earring with the solution.

3.     Use a soft brush to remove any dirt, this will help clean any fine details that can be found on the earring.

4.     Afterwards, rinse the jewellery in clean hot water until the paste is gone.

5.     Finish by drying the earrings with a clean cloth.


As a quicker and slightly cheaper alternative to this DIY cleaning method, easy to use silver cleaners are available for simple dirt and debris removal.


How to clean diamond earrings


Cleaning diamond earrings is just the same as cleaning your gold jewellery.


1.     Add a mixture of dish soap liquid and lukewarm water in a bowl

2.     Leave the earrings to soak in this mixture for approximately 30 minutes

3.     Brush away any dirt or debris with a small toothbrush

4.     Afterwards, rinse them in warm water

5.     Finally, either air dry them or use a lint-free cloth


If you intend to use alternative cleaning products for this task, it would be best to check the label to be certain that what you are using will not damage your jewellery. If the DIY cleaning method does not work for your jewellery, then we recommend having them professionally cleaned.


How to clean pearl earrings


Cleaning pearl jewellery in general helps them to retain their natural lustre and prevent grime build up. But unlike gold, silver and diamond earrings, they require an added level of care to preserve the jewellery’s integrity. The pearls themselves are particularly delicate and therefore require a gentle hand to remove dirt and residue. Whilst submerging the earrings in warm water will not greatly affect the pearl, it will likely compromise the adhesive attaching it to the metal.


1.     Use lukewarm water to dampen a clean cloth and carefully wipe the earring

2.     Gently dab away the water with a dry clean cloth.

3.     Set the earrings aside to dry for approximately 30 minutes


This method is just as simple and quick as the rest yet it requires a delicate touch. When using this DIY method, try to avoid using any cleaning liquids or soaps as this can negatively affect the pearl’s shine and colour.


These cleaning methods are quick, cost effective and easy to use on a regular basis. Jewellery can be quite expensive to replace, so maintaining their finest qualities through thorough cleanliness is important. If you have a particularly precious piece of jewellery that you do not feel comfortable cleaning yourself then we recommend taking them to be professionally cleaned. The same applies if you feel the methods are not working for your earrings.


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