18ct White Gold Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Solitaire Ring

Available from 0.50ct to 2.00ct
  • From £1,255.00

This is a classic solitaire ring crafted from 18ct white gold. Available from 0.50 - 2.00ct lab grown white cushion cut diamond, all beautifully set in a simple 4 claw mount and tapered detailed shoulders giving this piece an amazing sparkle when worn. Comes with a guaranteed D/E colour VS2/SI1 clarity lab diamond beautifully cut to enhance its life and brilliance. If you are looking for a special ring to pop the question look no further than this stunning engagement ring. To find out more about lab grown diamonds, please read 'diamonds created in a lab'.

This ring is made to order 2-4 weeks Delivery.
LGLT1028J0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028J0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028J0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028J0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028K0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028K0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028K0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028K0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028L0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028L0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028L0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028L0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028M0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028M0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028M0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028M0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028N0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028N0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028N0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028N0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028O0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028O0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028O0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028O0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028P0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028P0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028P0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028P0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028Q0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028Q0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028Q0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028Q0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028DK0.50 Condition New
LGLT1028DK0.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028DK0.50 Jewellery weight 2.70 g
LGLT1028DK0.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028J0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028J0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028J0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028J0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028K0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028K0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028K0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028K0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028L0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028L0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028L0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028L0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028M0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028M0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028M0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028M0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028N0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028N0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028N0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028N0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028O0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028O0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028O0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028O0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028P0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028P0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028P0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028P0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028Q0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028Q0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028Q0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028Q0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028DK0.75 Condition New
LGLT1028DK0.75 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028DK0.75 Jewellery weight 2.95 g
LGLT1028DK0.75 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028J1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028J1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028J1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028J1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028K1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028K1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028K1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028K1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028L1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028L1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028L1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028L1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028M1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028M1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028M1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028M1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028N1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028N1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028N1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028N1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028O1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028O1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028O1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028O1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028P1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028P1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028P1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028P1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028Q1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028Q1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028Q1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028Q1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028DK1.00 Condition New
LGLT1028DK1.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028DK1.00 Jewellery weight 3.10 g
LGLT1028DK1.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028J1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028J1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028J1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028J1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028K1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028K1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028K1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028K1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028L1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028L1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028L1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028L1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028M1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028M1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028M1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028M1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028N1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028N1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028N1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028N1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028O1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028O1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028O1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028O1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028P1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028P1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028P1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028P1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028Q1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028Q1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028Q1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028Q1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028DK1.50 Condition New
LGLT1028DK1.50 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028DK1.50 Jewellery weight 3.50 g
LGLT1028DK1.50 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028J2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028J2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028J2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028J2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028K2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028K2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028K2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028K2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028L2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028L2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028L2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028L2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028M2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028M2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028M2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028M2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028N2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028N2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028N2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028N2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028O2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028O2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028O2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028O2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028P2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028P2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028P2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028P2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028Q2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028Q2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028Q2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028Q2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028DK2.00 Condition New
LGLT1028DK2.00 Material 18ct White Gold
LGLT1028DK2.00 Jewellery weight 3.70 g
LGLT1028DK2.00 Hallmark Full UK Hallmark
LGLT1028J0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028J0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028J0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028J0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028J0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028J0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028J0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028K0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028K0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028K0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028K0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028K0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028K0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028K0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028L0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028L0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028L0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028L0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028L0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028L0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028L0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028M0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028M0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028M0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028M0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028M0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028M0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028M0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028N0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028N0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028N0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028N0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028N0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028N0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028N0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028O0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028O0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028O0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028O0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028O0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028O0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028O0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028P0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028P0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028P0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028P0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028P0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028P0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028P0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028Q0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028Q0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028Q0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028Q0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028Q0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028Q0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028Q0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028DK0.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028DK0.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028DK0.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028DK0.50 Main stone carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028DK0.50 Total carat weight 0.50
LGLT1028DK0.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028DK0.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028J0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028J0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028J0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028J0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028J0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028J0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028J0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028K0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028K0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028K0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028K0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028K0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028K0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028K0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028L0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028L0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028L0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028L0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028L0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028L0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028L0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028M0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028M0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028M0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028M0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028M0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028M0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028M0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028N0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028N0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028N0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028N0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028N0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028N0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028N0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028O0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028O0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028O0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028O0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028O0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028O0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028O0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028P0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028P0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028P0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028P0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028P0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028P0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028P0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028Q0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028Q0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028Q0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028Q0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028Q0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028Q0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028Q0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028DK0.75 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028DK0.75 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028DK0.75 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028DK0.75 Main stone carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028DK0.75 Total carat weight 0.75
LGLT1028DK0.75 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028DK0.75 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028J1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028J1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028J1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028J1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028J1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028J1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028J1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028K1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028K1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028K1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028K1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028K1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028K1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028K1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028L1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028L1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028L1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028L1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028L1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028L1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028L1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028M1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028M1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028M1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028M1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028M1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028M1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028M1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028N1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028N1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028N1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028N1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028N1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028N1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028N1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028O1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028O1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028O1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028O1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028O1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028O1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028O1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028P1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028P1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028P1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028P1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028P1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028P1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028P1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028Q1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028Q1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028Q1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028Q1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028Q1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028Q1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028Q1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028DK1.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028DK1.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028DK1.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028DK1.00 Main stone carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028DK1.00 Total carat weight 1.00
LGLT1028DK1.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028DK1.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028J1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028J1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028J1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028J1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028J1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028J1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028J1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028K1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028K1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028K1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028K1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028K1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028K1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028K1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028L1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028L1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028L1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028L1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028L1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028L1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028L1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028M1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028M1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028M1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028M1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028M1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028M1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028M1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028N1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028N1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028N1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028N1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028N1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028N1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028N1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028O1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028O1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028O1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028O1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028O1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028O1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028O1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028P1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028P1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028P1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028P1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028P1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028P1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028P1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028Q1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028Q1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028Q1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028Q1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028Q1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028Q1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028Q1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028DK1.50 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028DK1.50 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028DK1.50 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028DK1.50 Main stone carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028DK1.50 Total carat weight 1.50
LGLT1028DK1.50 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028DK1.50 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028J2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028J2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028J2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028J2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028J2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028J2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028J2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028K2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028K2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028K2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028K2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028K2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028K2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028K2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028L2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028L2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028L2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028L2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028L2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028L2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028L2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028M2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028M2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028M2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028M2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028M2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028M2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028M2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028N2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028N2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028N2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028N2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028N2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028N2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028N2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028O2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028O2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028O2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028O2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028O2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028O2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028O2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028P2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028P2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028P2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028P2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028P2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028P2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028P2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028Q2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028Q2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028Q2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028Q2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028Q2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028Q2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028Q2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1
LGLT1028DK2.00 Main stone Diamond
LGLT1028DK2.00 Main stone shape Cushion Cut
LGLT1028DK2.00 Stone setting Claw set
LGLT1028DK2.00 Main stone carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028DK2.00 Total carat weight 2.00
LGLT1028DK2.00 Diamond colour (approx) D-E
LGLT1028DK2.00 Diamond clarity (approx) VS2/SI1

For all UK, EU and International deliveries we use Royal Mail and mail couriers.

Royal mail

  • Items under £250 will be sent via royal mail signed for delivery service which requires a signature upon receipt of the item. This service cost £10 which will be charged at the checkout. Items that are under £250 to be sent to European and international countries can take up to 10-14 working days 
  • Items over £250 up to £2,500 will be sent via Royal Mail special delivery to be received the next day before 1pm, this service requires a signature upon receipt of the item. This service is free for any purchase with a value of £250 to £2,500.Items that are £250 - £2,500 to be sent to European and international countries can take up to 10-14 working days. 
  • Items that are over £2,500 will be sent via a courier. The charge for this service for items sent within the UK is £50, for European and international delivery a cost of £80 to £100 would be charged depending on the location.


All postage services that we use are fully insured from our stores all the way to your door step so you can have full peace of mind when purchasing from us.


Please note that we ask all customers to refuse receipt of their parcel if it looks to be damaged in any sort of way such as open packaging or ripped. We advise this due to insurance purposes via our postal services. If this does occur please contact us so we are aware. 


Delivery times

All orders that are placed before 12 pm UK time will be dispatched the same day excluding weekends. All items purchased after 12pm will be sent out the next working day. 

Please note that if purchasing after 12pm UK time on a Friday then your item will be dispatched on the following working day which will be a Monday.

Be aware that if a Monday falls on a bank holiday your item will be dispatched on the following working day which would be a Tuesday.

During seasonal events within the year the postal service slows down and results in delays which are out of our control. We do hope that this does not occur and effect any of our customers however have in mind that sometimes these types of occurrences do happen and cannot be prevented. 



Once your purchase has been dispatched you will receive an email notification that will include a tracking number for either royal mail or our selected courier. With the tracking number you will be able to see updates and information about your parcels journey from us all the way to you.

If your order has still not arrived and the suggested time scales above have surpassed then please get in touch with us at support@brownandgold.co.uk  so we can investigate further.


Order tracking

All our postal services enable you to be able to track your order. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email notification.

Within the email you will receive a tracking number along with a link to the postal provider’s website so you can track your parcel.

You will be able to see full information of dispatch and current location status right up to the receipt of the parcel.

If you have any issues tracking your parcel please do get in touch with us via email at support@brownandgold.co.uk so we can assist you.


All the below cards can be used on our secure online checkout :

Maestro card

Master card


Visa debit

Visa Electron



Click and collect

If you pay for your item online and are using the click and collect service you will need to present the card used to make the purchase , along with your order number and proof of address. This is to ensure peace of mind and security when using our click and collect service.