Purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch

Purchasing a watch as high-end as a Rolex takes a certain amount of time and consideration. Undoubtedly, you will be getting value for your money but the watch that you select must be right for you in terms of personal style and finance. When purchasing this exquisite accessory, you must decide upon the model, where you will be purchasing from and how much you are willing to spend as even a second-hand Rolex watch can be a big purchase.


Why buy a second-hand Rolex?


If you have read “The benefits of buying pre-owned Rolex watches”, then you will already know that a used Rolex watch can be a worth wild purchase for first-time buyers. It is no surprise that this particular brand is one of the most costly items to date, which is why most advocates of luxurious fashion must sometimes turn to a pre-owned model for quality style at an affordable price.


There is an abundance of designs to choose from with this option, well known makes such as Oyster Perpetual and Datejust can come in a range of sublime styles and colours for prices that would be significantly higher if they were brand new.


Some of the finest models on the market are available second-hand so you would not be missing out on the chance to own an on-trend Swiss heritage brand Rolex.


The value of whichever model you choose will depreciate slower than a brand-new version. To some collectors, it may even increase slightly in value if the model is discontinued.


What should I look out for?


Given the high-end qualities of the Rolex, these products can be subject to forgery. Scammers will attempt to pass off a cheap replica or an alternate watch brand as a Rolex and they can often be convincing enough to succeed. What you should be looking for when purchasing a second-hand Rolex is a certificate of authenticity to verify that the product is legitimate.


The watch that you choose must be in satisfactory working condition without any significant damage to its exterior. Even a legitimate pre-owned Rolex can have some wear but that does not mean you should settle for a product riddled with scratches or cracks.


Where can I find pre-owned Rolex watches?


Pre-owned Rolex watches are easily found in-store or online within most watch and jewellery outlets that specialise in selling luxurious second-hand accessories. It is a desirable market as Rolex watches are more affordable pre-owned. some of the best models can be found at Christopher Brown Jewellery, we feature a variety of excellent Rolex watches from Oyster Perpetual to Submariner at affordable prices. Any one of the accessories within our range will make an ideal gift for you and your loved ones. Search Christopher Brown Jewellery and visit our Instagram page to find our extensive range of glamorous watches, rings, necklaces, earrings and jewellery for inspiration and style.