Types of engagement rings

An engagement ring is, without a doubt, the greatest symbol of commitment between any thriving couple. A proposal deserves as much thought as the wedding that follows after and nothing completes the moment better than a sparkling ring. There are many rings suitable for this grand gesture, all of which should include a stone or two reflecting the beauty of the bond two people will share.


Solitaire rings


Solitaire rings are a popular choice for those wishing to propose. They feature a single stone, typically a diamond, which is commonly claw set to a ring fashioned from yellow, white or rose gold. The material that holds the stone and forms the ring’s shape can include an artful design for a touch of elegance. For example, the gold may curve towards the diamond to give the ring a slightly twisted look.


Trilogy rings


As the name suggests, a trilogy ring commonly includes three gems or three gem clusters sitting on top of a ring made from either 9ct or 18ct gold. Some versions of this ring type may feature three of the same stone whilst others can include two of the same with one unique gem such as an emerald or sapphire. If you are seeking something with extra sparkle, a trilogy cluster ring is the way to go. Common designs for this ring feature three stones, each surrounded by a halo of smaller gems to help mimic a single stone from a distance.


Five stone rings


Five stones rings, apart from the number of gems, have very similar properties to trilogy rings. They can include a single stone type, feature different stones on one ring and can come in a cluster design similar to the trilogy version.


Halo rings


This ring possesses a centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller gems, typically diamonds. The main stone is always the biggest as it acts as the focal point of the ring’s design. Most common halo rings feature a diamond whereas others can use a more brightly coloured gem such as a sapphire or ruby. With most designs, the ring itself can feature rows of the same gems that form the halo. This helps to further its sparkling luxurious look and stands out as an elegant piece.


Cluster rings


Despite coming in multiple designs, all cluster rings feature multiple gemstones. Some trilogy, five stone and halo rings classify as cluster rings based on how many gems are used in their design. Most cluster rings come in unique shapes like the daisy cluster flower ring, which features a collection of diamonds specially positioned to mimic the shape of a flower.


Half Eternity


Rings labelled as half eternity each possess a row of gems stones claw, pave or channel set across the shape. Half eternity means only a portion of the ring is covered with these stones, commonly they are designed with diamonds. This type can also come in multiple designs that feature unique shapes, dazzling stones and, sometimes, multiple rows side by side.


Full Eternity


Full eternity rings also feature one or more rows of gems, the difference being that the row encompasses the entire shape. Whilst eternity rings offer a lot as an engagement item, they are more commonly purchased as an anniversary gift. This does not mean you cannot select this option for proposal purposes, but it can make for an excellent gift after the years following your wedding.


Wedding bands


Classic wedding bands consist of solid silver, white, yellow and rose gold with no gemstones. Their design is simple but they still stand as a strong symbol of commitment with a shining look.


Bridal set rings


When looking to pop the question with a touch of luxury, there’s nothing more jaw-dropping than a bridal set. This choice usually includes a pair of glamorous engagement rings, both set with a collection gemstones which are traditionally diamonds. One ring is an eternity type whilst the other features a centre stone.


Engagement rings from Christopher Brown Jewellery


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